Samir Tahar

Samir Tahar is an exceptional oud player, who distinguishes himself by a rich and warm play with fast, powerful, and precise movements. An inspired singer and composer, he draws from the fountain of a music which has kept that pure gold of the great early glories of a civilisation which is always new and always present.

His personality and his great mastery of the "Maqams" and the "Tubbu's" make his taqsims and his songs an inimitable musical opus, full of nuances and colors. His classical and mystic songs, punctuated by prodigious "Mawals" in the "Tejweed" style, spanning several octaves with subtle modulations between "Maqams", are very much appreciated by publics in the Maghreb and the Middle-East, but also in Western countries.

Samir Tahar was born in Mostaganem, an art and culture city located in Western Algeria, close to Oran. From early childhood he has been in contact with the world of music. His musical education has led him to Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt.

Recognized for his talent and for the quality of his music, Samir Tahar has been invited for performances in many countries. He has participated in radio and TV programs in several Arabic and European countries. His CDs and tapes are available in all five continents. His concerts, where he performs taqsims, mystic songs, and mawals, are well appreciated in concert halls and theatres as well as in churches and cathedrals.

Samir Tahar has participated in several galas for Amnesty International, and in numerous festivals and performances in France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Spain, Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, etc.


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