Music by Samir Tahar


These CDs are available from record stores as well as from many internet mail order stores.

Taqsims au oûd (Vol. I) Club du Disque Arabe, Paris
Taqsims au oûd (Vol. II) Club du Disque Arabe, Paris
Florilège oriental (songs) Club du Disque Arabe, Paris
Chanson à mon épouse et à ma fille (songs) Club du Disque Arabe, Paris
Ya Habibi (songs) Médiana Orchestra, Nīmes
Séduction (oud and piano) Tournier, Paris
Arwah (songs) Aladin Le Musicien, Paris
Imani Fik (songs) Sassiphone, Oran
El Adra (songs) Sassiphone, Oran
Ya Om (songs) Souleïman, Oran
Hya (songs) Sassiphone, Oran
Esseba (songs) Souleïman, Oran

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Full tracks

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